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IoT Korea Exhibition 2018

  • DateSeptember 12(Wed)~14(Fri), 2018
  • VenueHall C, 3F, COEX, Seoul, Korea
  • Hosted by미래창조과학부
  • Organized by한국사물인터넷협회

Key Exhibits

IoT Application Services

IoT Application

  • Home appliances : Smart home service, intelligent housing management service, door/lighting/boiler control service
  • Manufacturing : Smart manufacturing platform solution, manufacturing process automation system, car sharing system, industrial safety solution
  • Car/traffic : vehicle safety/diagnosing system, emergency/road information system, car sharing system, intelligent traffic management system, vehicle control system

  • City/safety : Smart city/building, building/bridge remote management system, facility safety management service
  • Health/medical care : Smart health care, smart wellness, smart after-care service, personalized health management service
  • Energy : Building energy management system, smart thermostatic control system, smart grid, high voltage remote reading service
  • Agricultural/livestock/fishery : Smart farm, intelligent sowing service, livestock management service, aquafarm environment monitoring system
  • Environment : Water pollution/reservoir management system, meteorological observation system
IoT Convergence Products

IoT Convergence Products

  • Smart home/appliances : Smart TV, refrigerator, robotic vacuum cleaner, thermostat, smart boiler, smart electrical outlets
  • Health/medical care : Smart band, smart glasses, smart clothing, smart scale, smart thermostat, smart sports goods
  • Security : Smart door lock, gas lock, smart gas detector, home surveillance camera
  • Energy : Smart meter, smart lighting, electric controller
  • Private life : Smart watch, smart cup, smart wallet, smart ting, connected bicycle
IoT Security

IoT Security

  • · Device security (light weight/low power password module, counterfeit detecting device)
  • · communication/network security
      (remote security management/control technology, trespassing detection/counterpart technology)
  • · platform/service security (privacy protection, security solution)
Wired/wireless Communication and Network

Wired/wireless Communication and Network

· Close range wireless communication (beacon, NFC), mobile communication, wire communication
  (Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi)
IoT Platform

IoT Platform

· Open HW platform, device platform, things connected platform, things data platform
IoT Devices

IoT Devices

  • · Sensor (movement recognition, location, environment)
  • · RFID tag, reader, module, antenna, printer, sensor node, battery